We will help you find clarity around your core values and aspirations for money, career and life.

We will equip you with the tools and maps for the journey.

We will cheer you on along on your best-self journey with empowerment and accountability.


We strongly believe in living an examined and intentional life.  Living by design, not by default, means that we continuously prioritize what adds value to our existence over random demands and coincidental developments. This applies to all aspects of our life including work and play.

If you want to explore and grow, learn and expand your outlook, take charge of your one opportunity for a meaningful life journey, we welcome you to Sustainable Life Design!

If you are willing to “put in the work”, I believe that you can benefit immensely from these self-discovery coaching sessions. The process is invigorating as well as challenging. The sessions will provide a safe space for thinking aloud and finding clarity, guided by structured questions. Successful self-discovery is really about good questions and active listening.  I intend to do just that.

I guide you to reflect on the important questions in life: Life Mission/Core Values that inform life decisions, Work/Career & Money aspirations that help sustain a desired lifestyle, Relationships that enrich life, Passion & Recreation that bring joy to life and finally Health considerations that provide strength to achieve all of the above. This holistic approach to your life will help promote the wellbeing of the WHOLE you.

At the end of the program, you will have a two-page / two-part road-map document.  Part I is the summary of clarified long-term goals and defined vision in each of the above core areas which cohesively support one another, making sure your career aspirations are aligned with your life mission, all financial decisions promote your core values and free you from overconsumption, and all relationships support you being the best version of yourself. Part II is your life vision in one single story. This will help you stay motivated and on track living your best life.

The Sessions

The program is a minimum of six 45-minute sessions. Currently, it is free of charge and my way of paying forward for all the kindness that I have received in my life. Just send me an email of interest and we will go from there.  Linda@SustainableLifeDesign.com

What my clients are saying:

“Linda is very friendly and creates a safe space to reflect on my life with full honesty, which is very important to me. She is an active listener with good questions providing valuable insights/tips to areas of “concern”, and always suggests ways to continue improving and sharing her knowledge/experience.”

“I am more confident now what areas that I need to make efforts on in the coming years, especially in the career and money areas.” “It was also invaluable to align my actions and decisions with my values. Thanks for everything :)” 

Rafael M

“I really appreciated Linda’s help in reflecting on different elements of my life and through the different stages of it, and now I can clearly visualize my best life. What is important is that Linda walks her talk as she lives a respectable life. I highly recommend her coaching.”

“I appreciate that Linda did not approach the “perfect solutions” to improve my well-being or my lifestyle. Even better, she asked me the right questions about my life elements to reach my own answers. That suited perfectly for me.”

Jesus Morales

“Linda is amazing, fabulous and fantastic. I left each session with food for thoughts, more in control of my life and present. I know that I need to improve many other things and I need to learn more. However, I could see little and special improvements in each session. I was so happy that I came across her coaching and deep-dove into my life.” 

Thais D

 “I felt so lucky to have Linda as my mentor/coach. Her questions were instrumental to thinking and finding solutions creatively and her extensive leadership experience was invaluable to reshaping my ideas around what I can and cannot do. I was empowered by her sessions. She always guided me to reach the right decisions. She is not only an excellent career mentor but also an enlightening life mentor. Thank you.”  

Julia J
Seagulls soaring over the mediterranean sea – view from Siracusa, Sicily, Italy – December 2019
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