Day 10: Praise the sleep gods – and YOU

Halfway between two chemo sessions, I woke up this morning feeling rested for the first time since chemo day 1. Anyone with a sleep issue will appreciate the blissful embrace of sleep – when it finally happens. Sleep nourishes the soul, mind and body.  So I’m grateful for this night. With that, we can start our day with our “usual” daily routine: meditation and gratitude.

I am grateful for ….

You who chose to be present in my life,

by the universe’s miracle, we met

Our souls connected,

Deeper than most

So we stuck around

because we saw something that is

Rare and pure.


What I saw in you,

Your genuine heart,

Your sincerity about life,

And the levity that accompanies it.

Your quiet intellect,

Like your quiet charisma.

Your generosity drew me closer to you,

Because it is what I admire so,

You are a wise sage

Yes with flaws like everyone else

Because you are human.

It is your humanity, that is precisely why I fell for you.


Dear friend,

I am grateful for your presence in my life

Our past,

Our present,

And yes, why not our future?


On a very bright sunny day

I feel overwhelmed by your love and care

Your encouraging smiles,

Tears of empathy wanting to share my pain,

Careful questions,


I am blessed

By your presence.

Your devoted friend,


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