Linda has now passed Chemo No. 4 with two more treatments to go before surgery and we’re starting to sense patterns; the first few days after all the infusions, her whole body is just really warm, her face flushed, she’s generally very tired and docile.   The second week after the treatments, the dreaded side effects emerge prominently –  nausea, headaches, fever (only after Chemo No. 1), serious hives (only after Chemo No. 2), body aches, indigestion, sore eyes, weird metal tastes (after all the chemos) and so on.  The third week is the best – the body bounces back from the onslaught of the poisons, she recovers, sleeps better, appetite improves and a calm before the next storm settles in.

So patterns.  Our brains detect them in order to make sense of the world and to share that understanding with others.  Patterns create some semblance of order. Think of clouds.  We see things – a whale, a face, a figure, a dog chasing a ball – instead of just swirling white vapor.

So here’s a new pattern that I’ve discovered.  I call it Feisty Five.   On day five after the chemo treatment, the low energy dissipates, docile no more, the fog lifts and my Linda comes roaring back.   The one I fell so completely and helplessly in love with so many years ago.  The fiery, energetic, always active, “ants in her pants” Linda that I adore.  The one who takes me on the most amazing adventures around the world and in our imaginations.  The one who almost bought a 40 acre macadamia nut farm on Hawaii’s Big Island in 2011.  The one who challenges me to be a better human every day.  My delight and joy.  My everything.

Today is day five.   Here’s what Feisty Five looks like.

On contemplation, always with a good dosage of brattiness:

Me:        – asking some random question –
Linda:    – not saying anything, appears to be pondering something –

Me:    How come you’re not answering? Why are you hesitating?

Linda:   I’m not hesitating.  I’m taking my time.

On weather conditions, without missing a beat:

Me:   Look at the fog moving across the lawn!

Linda:   It’s not moving. The wind is moving it.  The wind is the owner of the movement!

On breaking a vase, indignantly:

Me:   Look, now you broke it!!

Linda:   I didn’t break it.  It broke!

On nagging, with a sneaky smile:

 I don’t nag.  I have constructive suggestions.

On truth, somewhat  mischievously:

Me:   Are you sure about that?
Linda:    If not, it’s almost the truth!

My Dad, finishing watering the garden, asking Linda where the tap is:

Linda, without a shred of sarcasm:   Follow the hose!!

I once managed to imply that perhaps Linda was a bit grouchy and so, mentioning this to her at breakfast.  

Her irreverent reply:   I’m not irritated.  You are irritating!!

Ha!   Feisty Five.  She’s back.  And I’m so happy!

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