We Are Connected

With Chemo No 5 fully working its way through Linda’s body, we are now contemplating the remaining treatment program with one more chemo session to go followed by surgery (May 30) and radiation later this summer.  In the best possible scenario, Linda will ‘only’ need drug therapy for the remainder of this year, a simple infusion every three weeks with no harsh side effects. Or she may need another 9 months of chemo/drug therapy if there is residual cancer remaining in her body which we will only know once the doctors have seen the pathology report from the surgery. No matter which scenario, anything will be “easier” than the current chemo regime.  

Still in limbo, we plan our lives ahead.  

We’d rather be hopeful until we’re wrong. 

Instead of dreading until we’re right. 

In this fleeting and epic journey we call life, we continually learn, adjust, reassess, evolve.  We are constantly on the move, even when we sit still.  The earth spins us into the future with time ever ticking, adding up the minutes, hours, days and years we’ve been gifted to be here with each other.  And we are connected, like the ocean and the sky. 

And that’s what love does.  Connect us, that is.  That’s why we live together in groups, families, villages, cities and countries.  That’s why whole societies are built.  That’s why we prepare food for each other.  That’s why we make things.  That’s why we write songs.  That’s why we smile at each other.  And sing together.  That’s why we go to work.  Really, we stay in our little cubicles or rice fields because we don’t want to disrupt this love we carry for one another.   Oh, occasionally we break, and as horrible as we can be to each other, this world really is a work of love… it hums along because we love, not because we hate. 

It hums along because we love…. our fathers, our sisters, our friends, co-workers, our countries, and lovers, our gods, our home villages and cities, our fellow humans, this beautiful planet… it works because we love. 

We are all connected.  Like the ocean and the sky.

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