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Accredited by the International Coaching Federation, our coaching is about helping clients become their best self and while most businesses focus on tasks and objectives, businesses majority of the time are successful because of proper guidance and vision. Our founder, Linda, is a veteran of international business and has worked in the international marketplace for over 25 years. While working internationally she has witnessed and experienced many business leaders who have suffered from poor work life balance, low productivity and negative life fulfillment. Through these experiences she has built the foundation of the Sustainable Life coaching program and acquired the tools necessary to effectively train businesses owners so that they can thrive and become the best version of themselves.

The Sustainable Life coaching program is a comprehensive business training program and coaching services that can help with a broad array of challenges.

What's in the name?


In order for goals and changes to be sustainable, they need to align with your long-term life vision, life mission (purpose) and core values.

“Whole Life” success should be sustainable. Our goals and changes that address only one life element i.e. career or money can easily be detrimental to progress in other areas of your life. Balance and harmony of our important life elements are sustainable. Life-work balance is paramount to one’s whole sustainable success.

When we live harmoniously with the natural world and support a healthy planet, our well-being and happiness are sustainable. Without nature supporting us, our life is no longer sustainable.


A lot of us have this backwards. We live our lives to serve our business, work and/or money when a well-lived life should be the other way around. A successful and thriving business alone is not an end in itself. It is only a means to the end. Your ultimate goal of living your true self and the authentic life and lifestyle you desire.


Be it your business, career or life, we can live it by default or by design. When it’s by design, it is our conscious choice. Sustainable Life Design coaching promotes alignment with your why (your higher purpose) and your vision with what you do, be it business, leadership or money.


Our Approach to Business and Executive Coaching

I believe that great coaching involves two key ingredients – great questions that guide you to your own insights and active listening to hear what you are not saying.

Good questions inspire us to examine our hearts and minds so that we can find the clarity that we are truly seeking. Strong motivation creates strong results.

I walk my talk – modelling the principles and skills I share with my clients. You will find me to be authentic, accountable, and proactive in my coaching and professional interactions.

When I’m not coaching and mentoring, I love gardening (sustainable of course), healthy (and spicy) cooking, studying, travelling, and meeting people from all walks of life and corners of the world.

I believe…therefore I do

I believe we are all given one chance at life. Living by default is an enormous waste of time.

Instead, I will empower you to live and design an intentional life that’s unique and fulfilling. From this vantage point, we will build your business as part of the whole picture. How does your business fit in with your holistic life success?

I believe time is the most valuable resource we have.

I will empower you with more quality time. You should always have time for the important things in your life. If your business or work is “eating you alive”, it is time to reset. I will help with designing your own priority and time management tools.

I believe in you.

We all have inner wisdom, endless talents and internal resources. My job is to guide you there. And I will be your biggest believer as your coach. Because of this, you will achieve incredible things!

I absolutely believe in the power of choices.

I will empower you with conscious and resonating choices away from the unconscious, saboteur-driven disempowering voices. I will hold you accountable so you can get things done.

I believe in social purpose.

Lasting happiness and fulfillment come from a life purpose bigger than ourselves.

Because my partner and I are financially independent and no longer need to make money for our living, I give 50% of my business profits back to my community. By hiring me as your coach, you will be contributing too.

Mission & Values


Mission:  To empower entrepreneurs and leaders to build a sustainable and thriving business and leadership as part of their holistic life design.

Values that we stan by:

  1. Accountability: coaching is partnership. Both the coach and coachee are commited to success of the coaching program. Accountability plays a key part to achieve the desired outcomes.
  2. Freedom to choose! Most important of all is how we choose to spend the most valuable resource – time. Sustainable Life Design works to create more freedom in our clients’ lives through the productivity and priority management.
  3. Social Purpose: we strongly believe that our own happiness and well-being are highly interconnected with the world around us. When we make positive impact on the world through our business and leadership, our business thrives.

Effective Altruism

Sustainable Life Design contributes 50% of its business earnings to Effective Altruism. When we do good things, we live good lives. Having efficiency and effectiveness as part of our DNA, it is only natural that we choose Effective Altruism as a means of doing good. As well, I personally aspire to align my spending and investments with my values which include justice, sustainability and fairness. You can read more about them here.

We can help you to reach your life vision more efficiently. Contact us today.

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