Scale Your Small Business

The Definitive Guide to a Sustainable Business and Fulfilling Life
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This book offers practical, holistic advice on scaling up a profitable small business, whatever its industry.

In contrast to many such guides, it starts with you as a person and what you truly desire guiding you to build a better business that serves a fulfilling life, while also adding tremendous value to all stakeholders; from the clients, to the team and even the community at large.

Approach the growth of your company with another perspective

Most business leaders focus on results and targets, and in principle that’s absolutely fine. But what would running a business look like if it were based on your personal priorities and an inspiring vision that’s more than a cliché? Linda Chung possesses almost three decades of experience as an international businesswoman and professional coach and understands what works – sustainably – and what doesn’t.

So, what will you get from this book?

SCALE-UP method

Discover Linda’s SCALE-UP Framework, Developed from over three decades of professional experience, proven to help entrepreneurs build a sustainable, profitable business.

Harmonize Goals

Align your business aspirations with your life goals​ by emphasizing life-work priority to create a fulfilling and balanced lifestyle while achieving business success.

Gain insights

Gain insights on designing a productive and efficient business that supports your desired lifestyle and makes a positive impact on your community.

Profitable Enrichment

Move beyond the pursuit of arbitrary revenue figures and focus on creating a profitable business that enriches your life, rather than empty financial gains.

If you were to approach business success from a purely financial perspective, the best outcome you can hope for is to end up neglecting part of your fulfilling life as a whole. At worst, you’ll find that you effectively end up working against yourself, pitting growth and profitability against the values that make you who you are. This book offers an alternative. Linda Chung provides a detailed, action-orientated blueprint that will enable you to approach these challenging contradictions. Then, she describes ways of building a successful business in line with what truly matters to you.

The future of your business and your life begins with this book.
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about their coaching journey

Scaling up alone can be overwhelming. It is hard work and it requires focus! Let’s partner up to support your journey and aspirations for next-level success. Even the world’s best leaders and athletes all had their coaches and mentors to support their growth.

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