Financial Freedom

Less Stuff, More Life – Part II

Less focus on stuff will lead you to more living!! Life is short – really short! Do stuff that matters!! That is how I ended Part I. Now let’s talk about the second part of wealth-building – managing the difference between “Earnings” – “Spending” = Savings & Investments.

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Less Stuff & More Life

Let’s use a little imagination and travel to the end of our life. Reflecting on the totality of your life from there, now contemplate the question: “What really mattered in my life?” Would you be proud of how much stuff you’ve been able to accumulate, or how much money you have in the bank?

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Two Different Lifestyles; Two Different Retirement Consequences

Meet two ordinary women, of the same income, with two different lifestyles: one earns freedom to choose what excites and fulfils her life at her age 50, yet the other has very little control over her future.

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Stuff, Money, Work and Life.

I put four words in front of you – stuff, money, work and life. If I ask you to put them in the order of importance, what would the list look like? Conceptually, you are likely to put your life first as the most important and stuff the least important, right? Somehow when it comes to actual living, many of us don’t seem to reflect that order. Let’s expound on that.

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