One Life, One Chance

Live your best life!

One-on-One Coaching supporting your custom-built best life vision and actualization plan. 

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Design your Best Life Vision

Clarify your Life Purpose

Actualize your vision

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Do you feel lost?

  • Do you feel like a cog in a wheel and feeling powerless?
  • Are you interested with the lack of direction in your life?
  • Do you ever wonder when you’ll be able to stop working for money one day?
I get it! I’ve been there and seen many 
many others who feel the same. 

I believe in a life by design, not by default.
I designed and built my best life and have helped others like you do the same, finding empowerment, freedom, balance & confidence.
Here is how I help:

A chart showing the step by step of Linda's work to actualize your best life, which begin through understading your life purpose, core value, life vision and actualization.

Your Best Life Design program

One-on-One Coaching

The Program

18 sessions

50 minutes each

Bi-weekly or weekly 

Regular schedule on the same day/same time of the week 

All virtual

The Guarantee





Or you cancel anytime.

Your Tangible Outcome

Life purpose

Core Values 

Best Life Vision 

Productivity Routine

Unique Roadmap

How it Works

1. Scheduling a free consult 30-minute call

Send me an email telling me a bit more about yourself.  I will send back a link for you to choose a time for our call.

2. On our call

Are we a good fit? Do you feel that I’ll be able to help you and do I feel that I can meaningfully coach you? I can also answer any questions you may have on the program as well as cost.

3. Establishing our coaching engagement

If we decide that we will partner together, we will decide on a mutually convenient schedule (time of the week and weekly or biweekly). I will follow-up with an invoice, engagement agreement and a recurring meeting invite. 

Our coaching partnership begins! With it, the journey of productivity, freedom and empowerment! 

A little about me and What I believe:

 I believe in freedom: 

freedom to choose how I want to live my life, which eventually led to my financial freedom.

 I established my coaching business to continue 

my mission to help people live fulfilling lives as well as improving lives of many others through philanthropy. 

I believe in being efficient and effective. 

In addition to more than 2 decades of empowering people to develop their best selves through my leadership, 

I obtained coaching skills through education and 

have been certified by the International Coaching Federation. 

I believe in a conscious and intentional life.

We can build our best life and live it.

“People Who Say It Cannot Be Done Should Not Interrupt Those Who Are Doing It.”
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What my clients are saying about their coaching experience

Career Transition,
Financial Freedom

“I hired Linda at the time of a very important stage of my life transition. “Start with the end in mind’. Her coaching takes a long-term success approach and how you will build now to support your long-term overall success. This is an opportunity to design the life that you deserve but never thought it could be possible. The sooner you start, the closer you will be to enjoying your fulfilling sustainable life.” “I really appreciate Linda’s honest approach and sincere desire to add value to the client’s. I highly recommend her to anyone who is in the transition of their life or build a fulfilling life and career.”
Recruitment Professional

Impact and Guidance

“Thank you, Linda. You are an adept, awesome coach and mentor who is extremely personable, and patient and can connect with her clients quickly. You have so much impacted my career, life, and relationships by giving me the required confidence, clarity, guidance, and tools that I so needed for growth and change. You are worth your gold for the great value you provide at being able to identify with my personality, and quickly assess situations, processes, and action plans.”
Business & Data Analyst/ Entrepreneur TechWomen Fellow* U.S. Department of State

Clarity of Business & Financial Vision, Holistic Life Success

“By the end of our sessions, I had defined my goals in four areas: relationships, work, money, and health. I was also able to define my life mission and core values. I recommend Linda to anyone who is looking to find clarity of life purpose, define their values and life mission and build their life and business they will be proud of as their life legacy. The answers provided my life and business both why I do what I do and clarity about how I will proceed. Her powerful questions enabled me into actions that I needed to take to move to the next level in all aspects of my life including business."
Founder, Transitions Academic Advising & Consulting