Your scale up made simpler

Mentoring and coaching to help steer you in the right direction towards your next-level business success

Your scale up made simpler

Business mentoring and coaching to support you to build your aspirational next-level success

Are you an ambitious business owner and ready for your next level of success?

Your inner compass has been signalling to you that you’re ready for the next level.
Yet, you are not clear about where to start. You have a lot of questions. It is natural!
A new journey always comes with excitement and doubt.

“To reach a port, we must set sail
Sail, not tie at anchor
Sail, not drift.”
– Franklin D. Roosevelt

How I can help you grow your business?

Three Distinct Ways to Get Started

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"Strategy Session"
to get you started

One* 90-minute private session. A bite sized strategy and brainstorming on any of the topics in the scale up process

Signature Program

This comprehensive Scale-up program is tailored to your business. It will help to guide you through the above scale-up phases. It takes a minimum of 6 months.

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"Group Coaching"
Training Program

Fully customized to your group’s needs prioritization, productivity and prosperity.

Our Complete Business Mentoring Program

Scale-Up Signature Program

The program walks you through our Scale-up framework step by step. This can be done alone as a solo business owner or together with your co-founder or key business partner.  The duration of the program largely depends on you and your business and how frequently we meet. The standard engagement is an 8-month program, meeting bi-weekly. Weekly sessions are possible, shortening the time of completion if you choose to go expediently.


 Sustainable Life Design’s structured coaching program takes you through three important phases of your successful scale up process, step by step.


90 minutes to kickstart your next-level success journey

Strategy Session

Included with the Strategy Session is a Pre-session discussion that lays the groundwork
for our journey together. Once we’ve completed our 90 minutes of private business coaching, I will provide a summary email of our session and next steps.

Group Coaching

Group Coaching is an inspiring and empowering way of learning for leaders of different businesses with similar challenges and aspirations.  If you want to find a business community and enjoy group learning, this may be a good fit for you and an effective way to increase your focus and commitment level to your goals as the peer group will walk the same journey with you.

THEMES (choose one): Leadership, Productivity or Team Development

PREPARATION: Each session has individual prep work that will further and deepen your group learning.

DURATION:  5 months, twice per month, each session 90 minutes

GROUP SIZE: 4-6 leaders

Groups can be formed within your organization. They can be formed by different business owners or industry colleagues with the same aspirational goals 1 session of 90 minutes minimum to 5 months of program to bring your vision to life.

Get Started With Sustainable Life Design

How To Get Started in Three Easy Steps


Schedule a call

In a 30-minute call, I listen to your aspirations as well as your unique challenges and obstacles. I will tell you how I may be able to support you.


Establish a partnership

Once determined that our partnership is a good fit, we start our program.


Begin your Scale-up

Your next-level success starts now – for real, not just in your head. “A journey of a thousand miles starts with one single step.”
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