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Successfully Scaling Up

I recently started working with Linda as a business coach, and I am thoroughly impressed with the results in just six months. Her coaching has been instrumental in helping us set clear goals for our business and charting a path toward scaling it. Linda brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table and has been incredibly supportive every step of the way.

Her coaching process takes the time to understand my personal and business life, go through my strengths and weaknesses, and provide customized recommendations and strategies to help me reach my personal and business goals. She has been instrumental in helping me see the big picture and focus on what truly matters.

Her guidance and mentorship have been invaluable, and my business partner and I have already seen a noticeable measurable improvement in our business as a result of working with her. I highly recommend Linda to anyone looking to take their personal and business to the next level.

MAURICIO PIZARRO, Founder, Contacto Canada Educational Travel

Better Leader & Positive Work Environment

I definitely recommend Linda as a coach for anyone who wishes to develop themselves as a better leader, their emotional intelligence, and find clarity in their purpose, values and goals. The biggest benefit I received through her coaching, I now understand myself better and understand how to channel my energy and build the right habits as a productive person and professional. I am also more focused on creating a better and more positive work environment for our team which will prepare the business for new challenges. Having a guide and coach helps me to save time and energy in finding answers and clear directions both in my personal and professional life

CATHERINE BUSTAMANTE ARIAS, Managing Partner, Contacto Canada Educational Travel

Leadership Development

Linda is an excellent professional. She helped me to find my leadership weakness and strengths. After 6 months of working together with her on my leadership skills, I can see clearly my improvement as a company leader. To work with someone like Linda that has a huge experience in the comparative market was crucial for my leadership growth.

GABRIELE RUGGI NETO, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer at Spiible & Platty

Personal and Professional Growth

Linda is a patient, reassuring, and above all, kind coach in your journey to self-improvement. With her guidance and support, your path to discovery is achievable with realistic strategies to implement in your daily life. My greatest insight is learning to celebrate even the smallest victories. I highly recommend Linda’s services to anyone that wants to innovate their future as she creates a safe space where you are truly heard and never judged; and you can freely share your challenges to grow and change.

VANESSA SEMCHUK, Studio Manager, and Baby Photographer at Rachel Yoon Photography

Confidence and Clarity

Linda brings tremendous expertise and wisdom all encompassed by a truly kind soul and calming nature. Her strategic approach, thought-provoking questions, challenges, and beautiful insights have been instrumental in my growth. I’ve gained much needed direction and clarity with Linda’s caring guidance and enthusiasm. Whether it was goals, values, productivity, or leadership, I gained new perspectives and confidence at each session.

DELARAM FATHI, Owner and Creative Director, Serenity Design

Impact and Guidance

Thank you, Linda. You are an adept, awesome coach and mentor who is extremely personable, and patient and can connect with her clients quickly.   You have so much impacted my career, life, and relationships by giving me the required confidence, clarity, guidance, and tools that I so needed for growth and change. You are worth your gold for the great value you provide at being able to identify with my personality, and quickly assess situations, processes, and action plans.

IFEYINWA NWABUEZE, Business & Data Analyst/ Entrepreneur TechWomen Fellow* U.S. Department of State

Prioritization and Purposeful Prosperity

I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Linda. I found her coaching to be centered on what is real & important to the person. To achieve further in life, she empowered me to consciously prioritize to see the fruits of my productivity. Now that I am using these tenets, it has brought me meaningful + purposeful prosperity. Linda has reminded me how truthful intention brings life’s dreams to reality!

DAVID MELLES, Investor Relations Manager

Productivity and Life Achievements

Thank you, Linda, for the lovely and profound session, I’m still processing all the information shared and today I woke up thirsty to win and rearrange my life 🙂 thank you for that!

I would recommend her coaching as this prioritization and productivity session can be an excellent guide to new achievements

KAREN ALVES, Entrepreneur Studio DMLA

Scaling Up, Business & Leadership Development

Entrepreneurs and intra-entrepreneurs!!  Just do it!!  Linda’s SLD coaching has really helped me see a clearer picture of my professional goals.  We all need support to shift our focus, re-think our ways, and guidance to make clearer and better day-to-day decisions that add value to our personal and professional lives.  There is good logic in the sessions, good follow-through from the previous session while there is flexibility to tackle issues at hand as well.  As a result, I am much more focused and more diligent in all my activities, which are impacting the future of my business and my personal life.   I also notice that I’m avoiding making the same unproductive mistakes that I used to make.  In the end,  I hired Linda to help me scale up my businesses, whilst trying to create a system to support growth and productivity.   I’m so glad I did! 

MAURICIO SEGURA, CEO and Co-Founder, Platty and Spiible

Clarity of Business & Financial Vision, Holistic Life Success

By the end of our sessions, I had defined my goals in four areas: relationships, work, money, and health. I was also able to define my life mission and core values. I recommend Linda to anyone who is looking to find clarity of life purpose, define their values and life mission and build their life and business they will be proud of as their life legacy. The answers provided my life and business both why I do what I do and clarity about how I will proceed. Her powerful questions enabled me into actions that I needed to take to move to the next level in all aspects of my life including business.

CECILIA LASCANO, Founder, Transitions Academic Advising & Consulting

Leadership Development, Value & Vision Work

Linda’s ability to lead, inspire and mentor her team and her colleagues, locally and remotely, is extraordinary. In addition to sales and marketing, Linda is deeply attached to the actualization of mission and vision and knows how to build effective systems around core values. “Quality” is her middle name, consistently driving all departments to deliver greater quality, efficiency and care in all aspects of the company. A true dedicated visionary.

NADINE BALADI, Vice President and Founder

Goals into Action, Leadership & Business Development

Linda is the full package and then some. She has the knowledge and experience to ask the right questions, to be focused on the goal and get things moving, and also get it wrapped up. Along the way, you find that you have become a better person and a better leader. That you have been challenged, have been nudged out of your comfort zone, and become a better version of yourself.

BABETTE FURSTNER, Regional Director

Leadership Development, Coaching Skills

Linda is amazing. Passionate, caring, knowledgeable, wise, and she makes things happen. She’s a great leader, role model, fabulous coach, and wonderful to work with. I’m a big fan of Linda’s. She’s a force for good.

PAUL ZYSMAN, Founder, Community Evolution

Confidence, Career Transition

I am more confident and positive after meeting Linda. She’s not only an excellent career mentor, but also an enlightening life mentor.

JULIA JIANG, Sales Associate

Valuable Insight, Extensive Tools & Experience

Linda is very friendly and creates a feeling of a safe space to share anything I need, that’s very important to me. She truly listens and provides valuable insights/tips to my goals, always suggesting ways to continue improving and sharing her knowledge/experience.

RAFAEL M., Founder, Immigration Consultancy

Clarity of Vision, More Control in Life

Linda is amazing and fantastic. I left each session with food for thought, more in control of my life and more present. I know that I need to improve many other things and I need to learn more. However, I could see little and special improvements in each session. I am so happy that I came across her coaching and was able to deep-dive into my life.


Career Transition, Financial Freedom

When I hired Linda as my coach, I had lost my job and was seeking to reorganize my life after 13 years of focusing on work only. Gaining control of all the areas that I had neglected: self care, finances, skill development, career/business planning were top of mind.

Since I worked with Linda, I was able to gain insight of the status of my finances and how to take proactive steps into taking control of this neglected area.  I paid off my debts and organized my budget in a way that gives me peace of mind and makes my life more enjoyable. I also gained insight that finding fulfillment in what I do in the present time is as important as the future that I am planning for.

We spent time clarifying my values and vision and how they aligned with the companies that had offered me job opportunities. I am now working on shaping my next career move, setting S.M.A.R.T. goals and finding balance between work and family.

I hired Linda at the time of a very important stage of my life transition. “Start with the end in mind’. Her coaching takes a long-term success approach and how you will build now to support your long-term overall success. This is an opportunity to design the life that you deserve but never thought it could be possible.  The sooner you start, the closer you will be to enjoying your fulfilling sustainable life.

I really appreciate Linda’s honest approach and sincere desire to add value to the client’s. I highly recommend her to anyone who is in the transition of their life or build a fulfilling life and career.

LETICIA MARIA FUNES, Recruitment Professional

New Business Development

I hired Linda because I wanted to create a clear path to my ultimate goal, which is to open my own company and live my lifestyle dream.  Linda helped me with not only establishing my business with a strong purpose, long-term vision, and other fundamental business elements like niche, target audience, and value propositions but also staying on track when there were distractions.

Putting things in order and also on paper really helped me to move forward confidently in the direction I want for my business. The thing that made a big difference for me through Linda’s coaching was clarity on what my priorities should be each week, each month, and in coming years.

PABLO CONTRERAS, Owner and Founder, InMotion Immigration Consulting

Leadership & People Development

Linda is a visionary leader who inspires others, sees, believes in people’s potential, and invests both in their professional and personal growth. I met Linda over 15 years ago and what I appreciated the most was her horizontal leadership style, setting a clear priority on people first and building authentic relationships. I still remember the very first day we met, Linda immediately created a welcoming and inviting environment and made me feel “we can do this together”.

MAHO OKADA, Director, Corporate Marketing

Holistic Life Design

I really appreciated Linda’s help in examining my life, and now I can clearly vision my best life. What is important is that Linda walks her talk. I highly recommend her coaching.

JESUS M., Product Management

Leadership Development, Mentoring  

Linda has been the greatest mentor in my entire professional life in the international education sector. Her passion in helping all of us to succeed I often dreamed of becoming a little bit more like her 🙂 being accountable, fearless, strategic, creative, warm and daring in all her words and actions. She has truly been an inspirational leader who walks her talk.

ILLA JO, Regional Sales Director

Business Development, Visioning

As a small business owner and a mom, I wear so many hats. To be efficient with my time and to increase productivity, I hired Linda. We all have 24 hours and if you want to get more done, you need a clear vision and productive time management. With Linda’s coaching, you can achieve so much more. Linda helped me draw clear business and life goals and provided effective tools to work towards my goals. I highly recommend her coaching to anyone who wants a clear business and life vision and to make changes happen for better results.

RACHEL YOON, Founder & Owner, Rachel Yoon Photography

Sustainable Life Design Coaching can help you to reach your life vision more efficiently.